Tires are the first indicator that your Kia vehicle may need an alignment. Uneven tire wear, particularly on the outer rim, is a key sign that the vehicle is not aligned properly and may need to be checked by one of our trained technicians at 401 Dixie Kia.

Other items to look for when determining a wheel alignment:

The vehicle drifts to one side while driving
Vibration of the steering wheel
The steering wheel is not centered properly while driving straight
Even if your Kia has not experienced any of these symptoms, we recommend that you have an alignment check performed at least once per year. Ideally we suggest an alignment check when installing winter or summer tires on the vehicle.

It is extremely common for vehicles to develop some of the indicators above just from normal day to day driving. Not only does every day driving cause wear on your Kia’s suspension, pot holes or bumping a curb can also affect the performance of your Kia’s suspension. By performing an alignment you will return the tires to the proper angles correcting the measurements ensuring straight wheels.

Tires can be a hassle and are expensive when not treated properly. By performing a wheel alignment, or at least having your Kia checked for a wheel alignment, may save you a lot of time and money down the road. A properly aligned car will show less tire wear and any wear that does take place will occur evenly throughout the tire.

By including a wheel alignment as one of your regular maintenance items performed at 401 Dixie Kia, you can ensure that your Kia will drive straight, get better gas mileage, and be safer on the road.