Front side view of Kia Niro EV with charging cable plugged in

A lot of people have incorrect ideas and misconceptions about electric vehicles. It’s understandable given the relative new presence of EVs in the marketplace, and people’s long-tenured reliance only on traditional gas vehicles. People generally don’t like change, mostly because they’re used to what they have and don’t quite understand how the change can serve to benefit them. Here at 401 Dixie Kia we’ve taken it upon ourselves to outline some of the most popular electric vehicle myths, and tell you why they’re not true. Read on with us and learn the facts about EV charging, range and cost.

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EV Charging

MYTH: It’s Hard to Find a Charging Station

Around 50% of people, as discovered through a September 2020 Angus Reid omnibus survey, believe it’s hard to find a charging station in Canada. That couldn’t be further from the truth, as across Canada there’s over 14,000 level 2 & 3 charging stations available. That’s not even to mention the ability to charge at your own home.

MYTH: You Can’t Install a Charging Port in Your Home

About a third of people don’t think you’re able to install a port in your home to charge your own vehicle. The complete opposite is true, in that over two-thirds of the charging of your vehicle will be done at home. You can easily use a traditional 110V outlet at home, or get a 240V outlet installed for even faster charging.

MYTH: It Takes a Long Time to Charge an EV

Almost a third of people think it takes way too long for an electric vehicle to charge. How does charging your Kia EV to 80% of power in less than an hour on a level 3 (100 kW) charging station sound? Sounds pretty fast, doesn’t it? That’s because it is, comfortably able to be charged fast whether in public, or at home with a level 1 or 2 charger.

Close-up of charging cable plugged into Kia Soul EV

EV Range

MYTH: Electric Vehicles Can’t Drive Long Distances

About half of all people believe that electric vehicles just aren’t able to travel long distances that are commonly demanded by drivers. In truth, Canadian drivers drive on average only about 50 km per day, and Kia EVs can offer a range of up to 385 km off only one charge. Wherever you need to go, your Kia electric vehicle has the power and range to take you there.

EV Cost

MYTH: Electric Vehicles Cost a Lot

Almost 60% of people believe that due to their new arrival and advanced technology that electric vehicles are expensive. Kia electric vehicles aren’t costly at all, and are still comparable to many other gas models that Kia offers. As well, provincial and federal (up to $5,000 on purchase of zero emission vehicles) incentives are available to make your purchase even cheaper.

MYTH: Electric Vehicles are Expensive to Maintain

Along with thinking their initial cost is pricey, people also believe EVs to be expensive to maintain with service. Electric vehicles may have as few as 20 parts, while combustion engine vehicles can have thousands. This cuts down on the amount of service trips you’ll need, as well as the parts you’ll need to keep an eye on, in turn reducing service costs throughout your entire EV ownership.

If you still have questions about electric vehicles, we’re more than happy to field them here at 401 Dixie Kia. From purchasing to driving to service, our team is ready to introduce you to the game-changing world of Kia EVs.