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The time to switch tires is never too far away and it’s always a good idea to plan ahead for your Kia to be ready for the rigors of the season ahead. The importance of driving with the right type of tires for the season can’t be overstated. Tires greatly affect performance, safety, efficiency and more. For those who are looking for a little more info about why a seasonal tire switch is so important, and for those who need the job done in a timely and convenient manner, our team here at 401 Dixie Kia is here to serve you. Read on and learn more, then book your appointment, today.

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Why Specific Tires are Meant for Each Season

It would be great if you could run your same tires year-round, and in a location that doesn’t see much change in weather across the year. That can be the case, but in Mississauga your tires need to be designed for the season at hand. Summer and winter in the Greater Toronto Area are truly polar opposites, clear roads and the sun shining in those summer months and icy snow covered roads in those frigid winter months. While all-season tires may seem like they can accomplish both needs at once, the reality is they only provide a very average benefit across both seasons, whereas specific summer or winter tires are made just for the needs of the season. Here’s exactly how these types of tires exceed in their season, and thus can also see why they wouldn’t perform as well in their off-season:

  • Winter Tires:
      • Specific rubber that holds up in sub-zero conditions
      • Soft treads to dig into the ice & snow for superior traction
      • Added resistance to hydroplaning thanks to groove placements
      • Better braking ability to retain control
  • Summer Tires:
    • Specific rubber that holds up to the heat of pavement
    • Provides better performance in wet conditions
    • Extended width for performance-driving stability
    • Streamlined tire design, with less grooves, for better road contact.
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How Do You Know When to Switch Your Tires?

You may know it all well and good that it’s important to switch your tires out for the seasons, but may be wondering exactly when they should be swapped out. If in winter time you think it’s when the snow hits the ground, we’re sorry to say that means it’s been long overdue. You want to have your tires on your vehicle well ahead of when the weather truly turns, whether toward the positive or negative. A temperature of 7℃ is the golden rule when it comes to tire swaps, for both going to winter or summer tires. When the temperature consistently starts to dip below that 7℃ in the fall, before the snow touches down, it’s time to be proactive and switch your tires on. Conversely, once we’re leaving winter behind and the temperature again begins to hover around 7℃ and above on a consistent basis, it’s time to swap your summer tires on. Follow this simple rule and always be prepared for the tire demands of the season.

Get a Tire Switch for Your Kia at 401 Dixie Kia

Your next tire switch is only an appointment away here at 401 Dixie Kia. Our tire centre is here for all of your shopping and service needs, whether that be the latest specials or a knowledgeable team here to swap on your tires for the season. Book an appointment with our tire specialists, wherever you may be across the Greater Toronto Area, and we’ll provide you with quick and efficient service to get you on your way, and prepared for the season ahead.