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Spring has sprung and thankfully one of the few reminders of the winter past are the winter tires still on your vehicle. It may seem like the easy route to leave them on throughout the new season, they’re just tires after all, right? But that would be the wrong move. Winter tires excel in environments with snow and ice but are not equipped to handle the challenges of warm spring and summer weather. Our 401 Dixie Kia tire experts are here to outline why you need to swap out your winter tires for spring, when is the best time to do it, and how you can get simple tire switch services from our tire team. Read on and learn more.

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Why Shouldn’t You Use Winter Tires in Spring & Summer?

To the uneducated, a tire on a vehicle is just a tire. But those who understand the different designs and rubber compounds will understand how these different constructions fare in the differing seasons. A lot of the difference comes down to the tire rubber, where the winter tire rubber is soft to grip the snow and ice, while the summer tire rubber is hard to hold onto the road well. When it comes to the treads, the winter tire treads may look ready for rain, but that’s not quite so, as they’re specifically primed to push snow away, while summer tires are better ready for rain dispersal and to prevent hydroplaning with their unique treads and large surface area.

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Why Winter Tire Rubber Isn’t Made for the Heat

Running winter tires in the summer and spring can lead to poor stability, less gas mileage, unruly responsiveness and an extended stopping power. Perhaps the biggest effect on winter tires in the summer is what heat can do to that rubber. Winter tire rubber isn’t made for hot weather and can wear away the tire quickly, which leads to all sorts of safety concerns and increases the likelihood of a blow-out. Tires don’t always come at an economical cost, so making sure you have the proper sets for each season, and that you switch them out when needed, can drastically extend the life of your tires.

When is the Best Time to Change Your Winter Tires?

The commonly recommended mark to switch out of your winter tires and into summer or all-season tires is when the temperature consistently stays above 7℃. This is a general rule, as we all know that weather here in Ontario can be unpredictable, so use that temperature mark as a general rule, pay attention to the weather report and get them switched when snow and cold are far away in the rearview mirror.

Book a Tire Swap at 401 Dixie Kia

Stay ahead of the others and the weather by getting your tire change service from us here at 401 Dixie Kia. Our tire experts are ready and waiting with their certified Kia status and the latest tools and technology from our brand to serve your vehicle with the very best. While we specialize in Kias, we happily service any make or model. Book your tire swap service with us, today.