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Buying a vehicle is one of the biggest purchases you’ll make in your life, an exciting time that can often be hampered by the stress of the financial side of things. At 401 Dixie Kia, it doesn’t have to be that way, thanks to our stress-free experience. It’s all led ahead by our skilled and dedicated financial experts who will work to find you the best loan rates possible for your budgetary situation. Manageable payments, on terms that are fit for your needs, financing and leasing are made easy with our 401 Dixie Kia dealership team.

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Financing Vs. Leasing

We often hear from customers who are not sure whether it’s best to buy or lease. The answer really comes down to what you intend to get out of the vehicle, with a few choice differences between the two that can help make your choice between the two easier.

Why Finance?

  • You drive a lot, put a lot of mileage on your vehicle and would be hampered by a cap on your mileage amount.
  • You’re looking to own your vehicle long-term, are happy with the model and want it to eventually be all yours.
  • Terms are more flexible, better able to work within your means.



Why Lease?

  • If you only drive a set amount, and don’t need your vehicle for long-range travel.
  • If you’re interested in driving the latest models, you can easily upgrade thanks to the short terms.
  • You don’t like long-term commitments, and would rather commit to your vehicle for a short term.



Rebuild Your Credit No Matter Your History

We happily approve people with any kind of credit score. That’s right, no matter the financial history you’ve had, we’ll be able to find you a loan that works for your situation, thanks to our many connections to banks and lending institutions. Financing a vehicle is one of the best avenues to rebuild your credit, and we’ll tailor the payments to work for your schedule and needs, so you can consistently increase your credit rating over time. Good credit, bad credit, no credit, new Canadian, bankruptcy, divorce and more, we can approve you and help you improve your finances back up through an auto loan.

Our 3-Step Credit Approval to Purchase Process

Purchasing a vehicle is a simple task with us, where you’ll enjoy a simple 3 step process that takes you from application to driving away happy!

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Step 1: Online Application

Fill out our free online credit application form. It only takes a few minutes and only requires immediate information to start. You’ll receive a call or email within 24 hours, letting you know the rate we can approve you for.
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Step 2: Selecting Your Vehicle

Next, we’ll meet you and help you select a new or pre-owned vehicle that fits your budget and desired model type. You can get a head start by viewing our inventory online now.
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Step 3: Drive Away Happy

Once you’ve selected your vehicle, and we’ve helped you along the process of making it yours, all the papers will be signed and nothing but the open road is in your future!

Get Started

Start the process now and see how you can get financing and how easy it is through our online credit form below. We also offer insurance protection plans and extended warranty to further protect you and your vehicle. Our finance team is always available should you have any questions, either before or during the process, so connect with us, today.

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