Your Lease End Journey at 401 Dixie Kia

End of Lease in Mississauga

When your lease comes to an end, we here at 401 Dixie Kia are here to guide you through the next steps. What are those next steps? It all depends on you. You can either return your lease and lease a new Kia, purchase your currently leased Kia, or just simply return the vehicle. Follow along with us as we outline all of your lease end options, as well as the process, in a handy to-do list as to what needs to be done, from vehicle inspection to return, when it’s time for your leasing journey to come to an end.

Lease End Options

When your lease on your current Kia comes to an end, you have 3 different directions to take: either find a new Kia to lease, purchase the Kia you’ve been leasing or return your Kia.
Front side view of 2022 Kia EV6 in front of building

Get a New Kia

Love the Kia you’ve been leasing but want to try a newer model year, or a completely different model? Connect with us at 401 Dixie Kia and we’ll help you find the next Kia for your lease, complete with test drives and the latest offers that may assist you in getting an even better deal. Explore our vehicle lineup, today.
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Buy Your Current Kia

Maybe you completely connected with the Kia you’d been leasing and don’t want to drive anything else. You can keep that current Kia and make it your own, purchasing it from its lease and thus giving you full ownership of the vehicle. Contact us here at 401 Dixie Kia so that we may walk you through the steps of the vehicle purchase transaction.
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Return Your Current Kia

If you just want to give the vehicle back without purchasing it or selecting a new one, that’s more than okay, too. There’s a few steps to follow with this method, starting with receiving a vehicle inspection, getting any necessary repairs done, fulfilling any remaining financial obligations, then arranging a return appointment with us at 401 Dixie Kia.

Lease End To-Do List

While determining how you’d like to proceed after your current lease, there’s a few things on the lease-end to-do list that need to be completed to make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible. These tips are largely related to both the inspection and return of your vehicle, including the following.

Prior to Your Inspection

  • Do a self-assessment of your Kia’s condition with the Kia self-assessment tool and checklist. This is to be done before the final third-party inspection.
  • Connect with us here at 401 Dixie Kia to get any needed repairs fixed. This aims to reduce the costs of wear and tear.
  • If you haven’t been contacted by AutoVIN Canada within 45 days before the end of your lease for an inspection, you need to reach out to them at 1-800-268-6639 or book an appointment online.

When You Return Your Vehicle

  • Make sure to remove all of your personal belongings, and delete any personal data off of the tech systems.
  • Provide any of the OEM items that came with the vehicle (keys, manuals, copy of ownership etc.), along with anything else that may have been provided upon initial lease.
  • Bring any maintenance or recall records.
  • Copies of any repair invoices after the post-vehicle inspection will need to be emailed with the VIN. Please advise with us at 401 Dixie Kia for proper procedure and destination.
  • Ensure any remaining financial obligations are settled.
  • Sign the vehicle return receipt, and get a copy for yourself.

Lease End at 401 Dixie Kia

Leasing a Kia is a fantastic way to drive the latest models, do so on flexible terms and with lesser payments than financing. The end of a lease may seem daunting, making sure everything is in order, but with our 401 Dixie Kia team behind you, we’ll assist you every step of the way, no matter how your lease is ending. Contact us with any questions you may have on your lease and regarding the lease end process, we look forward to serving your needs.

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