2021 Kia Telluride vs. 2020 Nissan Pathfinder in Mississauga, ON

Kia Telluride vs. Nissan Pathfinder at 401 Dixie Kia

You deserve an SUV that can take on every demand, and both the 2021 Kia Telluride and 2020 Nissan Pathfinder (taking a break from the 2021 model year to start fresh in 2022) make excellent cases as to why they should find a home in your driveway. Which one truly deserves the spot? Read on and explore our comparison over design, performance and safety categories, where one of these SUVs edges out its competitor.

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Exterior Design & Features

Kia Telluride Exterior

In a world of crossovers, the Kia Telluride brings the big and the bold SUV style back to the forefront in 2021. This dynamic style of the Telluride means it seamlessly fits in with the hustle and bustle of a city atmosphere, but with all of the rugged utility and features to excel off-road.

Nissan Pathfinder Exterior

While offering similar exterior dimensions, the design between these two SUVs is a bit different. The Telluride is more of a classic broad SUV style that gives off a luxury look and feel, whereas the Pathfinder is a more crossover-styled SUV that’s aimed to travel off-road.

Specifications:2021 Kia Telluride EX2020 Nissan Pathfinder
Length (mm/in)5,000 / 196.95,042 / 198.5
Width (mm/in)1,990 / 78.31,963 / 77.3
Height (mm/in)1,759 / 69.31,766 / 69.5
Wheelbase (mm/in)2,900 / 114.22,900 / 114.2

Interior Design & Features

Kia Telluride Interior

As is the exterior versatile for the Telluride, so is the interior. Whether you’re after comfort, looks or convenience inside an SUV, the Telluride happily checks each box. Premium Nappa leather covers the seats, with heated and air-cooled technology. Connect with the vehicle through the 10.25-inch touchscreen and wireless charging.

Nissan Pathfinder Interior

8-passenger seating is found in the Telluride, with 7-passenger seating in the Pathfinder. EZ Flex seating allows for versatile adjustment of seats, along with quick entry and exit. As well those rear seat passengers will enjoy a tri-zone entertainment system. The Pathfinder presents a modicum amount of tech and utility, but the plain design leaves much to be desired against the more refined Telluride cabin.

Specifications:2021 Kia Telluride EX2020 Nissan Pathfinder
Head Room (front) (mm/in)1,004 / 39.51,072 / 42.2
Head Room (middle) (mm/in)1,022 / 40.21,002 / 39.4
Head Room (rear) (mm/in)969 / 38.1960 / 37.8
Shoulder Room (front) (mm/in)1,564 / 61.51,549 / 60.9
Shoulder Room (middle)1,554 / 61.21,534 / 60.4
Shoulder Room (rear) (mm/in)1,404 / 55.21,449 / 57.1
Leg Room (front) (mm/in)1,120 / 44.01,072 / 42.2
Leg Room (middle) (mm/in)1,077 / 42.41,059 / 41.7
Leg Room (rear) (mm/in)798 / 31.4781 / 30.7
Cargo Capacity (behind 1st row) (L/cu-ft)2,455 / 86.7--
Cargo Capacity (behind 2nd row) (L/cu-ft)1,304 / 46.0--
Cargo Capacity (behind 3rd row) (L/cu-ft)601 / 21.2--
Cargo Capacity (second row upright, third row upright) (L/cu-ft)--459 / 16.2
Cargo Capacity (second row upright, third row folded flat) (L/cu-ft)--1,342 / 47.4
Cargo Capacity (second row folded flat, third row folded flat) (L/cu-ft)--2,251 / 79.5

Performance & Capability

Kia Telluride Performance

These two vehicles have performance that’s pretty neck-and-neck, boasting very similar horsepower and torque out of their engines. The Telluride has a 3.8L V6 GDI engine that’s home to its brawny power. Further, it’s primed to tackle any tough road or icy street in your way with All-Wheel Drive featuring Drive/Terrain modes, all coming standard.

Nissan Pathfinder Performance

The 2020 Nissan Pathfinder has a 3.5L Direct Injection Gasoline V6 engine, reaching 284 horsepower and 259 lb-ft as its top potential. While all-wheel drive is standard on the Telluride, the intelligent 4×4 system is available on the Pathfinder.


Kia Telluride Safety

The Telluride holds its safety systems in high regard. From the Forward Collision Avoidance Assist to the Blind View Monitor, and the Rear Cross-Traffic Collision Avoidance Assist to Safe Exit Assist, you’ll be covered around every angle and driving situation.

Nissan Pathfinder Safety

The Nissan Intelligent Mobility system is the cornerstone of the Pathfinder. This suite of safety tech houses the major highlighted safety features in the SUV. These include Intelligent Emergency Braking, Blind Spot Warning and an Intelligent Around View Monitor.

Kia Telluride vs. Nissan Pathfinder Verdict

The Pathfinder has decided to skip 2020, but the Telluride hasn’t with its 2021 model. While a lot of the performance, technology and safety features are quite comparable between the two, it comes down to the designs that separate these vehicles. The 2021 Telluride presents a classic, luxury-inspired SUV with elegant touches across its interior, while the 2020 Pathfinder represents more of a sporty crossover with a quite plain cabin. While starting at a slightly higher price point, the Telluride’s premium advancements are well worth the difference.


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