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No matter what kind of Kia model you drive, it’s a comprehensive vehicle with a lot of moving parts and systems that demand consistent care and attention over its life. Keeping up on proper maintenance and service on a dedicated schedule can go a long way in ensuring your vehicle is always running to its top potential, and so that it keeps serving you for many more kilometres down the road. Whether it be the tires, brakes, fluids or filters, each system of your vehicle deserves specific attention from an expert, such as our service team here at 401 Dixie Kia. Click below to explore in-depth some of our top general services for your vehicle at a great price, learn a bit more about why each one is so important, then easily book your service appointment.

Tire Service

The tires on your vehicle may be some of the most important parts of your car, they are the sole connection from your vehicle to the road, after all. A lot goes into your set of tires, from proper pressure to tread depth to wear pattern to rotations to balancing and alignment and so much more. That’s why regular tire maintenance is so important, along with having the proper tires equipped for the season. For winter or summer tire swaps to wear checks and alignments, our 401 Dixie Kia tire service team is here for your tire care, repair and replacement.

Tire Maintenance

Brake Service

Proper brake performance is never something to take for granted, as possibly the most vital part of your vehicle, ensuring you always stop when you want, and safely. Brakes do this through the use of fluids and friction to bring your car or SUV to a stop. That’s a lot of work put on your brakes, which can wear over time and provide less than ideal performance. Our expert Kia service team will performa brake inspections, a brake system diagnosis and a brake fluid flush to detect any abnormalities, and then repair them if so.

Brake Maintenance

Fluid Service

Your Kia is a gorgeous piece of sculpted design work on the outside, but on the inside is a large selection of moving parts making everything run as it should. All of these parts need to work together, doing so without friction or bother from each other. Components like engine oil, transmission fluids, coolant and refrigerant fluids help numerous parts in your vehicle run smoothly and be able to provide top performance. You need to get these fluids regularly checked, and flushed to be replaced with fresh fluids. This preventative measure is incredibly important in the proper function of all related systems under the hood.

Fluid Maintenance

Filter Service

Just as there’s a lot of fluids moving around in your vehicle to help important components function properly, so are there filters to go along with them that filter out any of the impurities within said fluid. This is done to cut down on build-up and to reduce the damage on any affected parts. From fuel filter to air filter to cabin air filter replacement and more, schedule your filter maintenance service for your vehicle now, our technicians are certified to work on all brands, from Kia to off-make.

Filter Maintenance

Tune-Up Service

As long as you’ve known about cars, you’ve probably heard the term “tune-up” to go along with them. It’s a slightly out-dated term by now, but its general principle is still one that holds true and should be kept up on. It used to refer to the mechanical intake and timing systems, ensuring they had the right mix of air and fuel, but now with computer-controlled systems, it’s taken on a bit of a different meaning. While it may not be a physical tune-up anymore, our service technicians will run computer diagnostics on your vehicle to locate any problems. Along with fuel injector cleaning and a timing belt replacement, a modern day tune-up service is still vital for your vehicle.

Tune-Up Maintenance

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This is just a broad overview of some of the most important maintenance services we offer here at 401 Dixie Kia. If you’d like to book an appointment for one of these services, please fill out our form below. If you have any questions about our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us and one of our service advisors would be glad to assist you. 401 Dixie Kia is proud to be your one-stop destination here in Mississauga for top notch Kia and off-make vehicle service.

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