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A variety of fluids inside your vehicle ensure its properly lubricated performance, but those said fluids need to be filtered to protect against impurities that may otherwise build up and damage your vital engine parts. Follow along with us at 401 Dixie Kia as we outline the importance of fuel, air and cabin air filters, and the necessity of replacing them when needed. Our certified technicians are on hand to treat your Kia or off-make with the best in filter care, so read on to learn more, or book an appointment now for your car, truck, SUV or minivan.

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Fuel Filter

As the name would suggest, your fuel filter is in charge of filtering your fuel before it’s injected into the engine combustion chamber.

How Often Should You Get Your Fuel Filter Changed?

Your fuel filter needs to be replaced when it’s filled with too many impurities, and it’s recommended you do this approximately every 2 years or 48,000 km. It’s important to constantly stay up on the condition of your fuel filter, as if you’re still driving with a dirty fuel filter it can prevent everything from driving performance to fuel economy to your engine starting. You may also have to get it replaced if you’ve recently run out of gas, as a consistent flow of fuel helps to keep it properly lubricated.

Our Fuel Filter Replacement Service Includes:

  • Installation of a new OEM-approved filter
  • Visual inspection of the fuel line fitted to the filter




Air Filter

The air filter in your vehicle is where incoming oxygen goes through before it gets combusted inside the engine. It ensures that smoke, soot and other harmful particles don’t clog your engine and negatively impact its power and fuel efficiency.

How Often Should You Get Your Air Filter Changed?

We recommend that you get your air filter checked every time you come in for an oil change, to see if it needs changing.





Our Air Filter Replacement Service Includes:

  • Replacement of air filter with a manufacturer-approved option
  • Visual inspection of engine components





Cabin Air Filter

Cabin air filters trap dust, allergens and other impurities from the outside air from entering the cabin of your vehicle. It’s usually found in a compartment in the glovebox, under the dash or beneath a cowling strip at the top of the engine bay.

How Often Should You Get Your Cabin Air Filter Changed?

If you notice that your vents aren’t blowing as powerful as they once did, if there’s a strange noise when you turn up the fan speed, or if you smell something unusual coming from the vents, it’s likely time that you need to get your cabin air filter inspected to see if a replacement is in order.







Our Cabin Air Filter Service Includes:

  • Replacement of cabin air filter with a manufacturer-approved option





Schedule Filter Service at 401 Dixie Kia

Keep yourself and your vehicle healthy and protected from the impurities of your vital engine fluids and systems thanks to filters in proper condition. Whether you want to learn more about these filters, need an inspection or replacement, our certified technicians here at 401 Dixie Kia are available to provide top tier service in the Greater Toronto Area. Contact us with any questions, or fill out the form below to book your filter replacement service appointment now.

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