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Frequently Asked Questions on Kia Maintenance

Kia offers some of the most fun and rewarding vehicles to take out on the road, whether it’s just a simple commute or highway driving. Not only are they a blast to drive, but exist with a youthful style and a fantastic price. That’s a relationship you’ll want to keep for as long as possible, so we’ve gathered together some commonly asked questions about Kia car care, and how to extend the life of your vehicle. Get on a regular maintenance schedule, and follow these tips from us at 401 Dixie Kia to get the most out of any Kia you drive.

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How to Check Your Tire Pressure?

Having the proper pressure in your tires ensures that you maintain the best gas mileage possible, that they last for a long time and so that your tires will be in peak condition to support you in emergency situations. Follow these simple steps on how to check your tire pressure:

Step 1:

Buy a tire pressure gauge.

Step 2:

Find out the manufacturer recommended tire pressure level (can be found on the driver side door sill or outside the edge of the door).

Step 3:

Unscrew the valve stem cap, press air gauge onto end, firmly.

Step 4:

Add air pressure, either from home compressor or one from a gas station, until you hit the recommended psi.

Step 5:

If you need to reduce pressure, push the air gauge halfway on the valve stem, then you should hear air escape.

Step 6:

Once at the desired level, replace the valve stem cap.

How to Check Your Tire Tread?

Your tire treads won’t last forever, and it’s important to have them in the best condition possible in order to accurately and safely combat the changing road conditions throughout the year. You should get in the habit of checking your tire treads regularly, doing so at least at the start of each season. It only takes a few brief seconds, and we’ve outlined the simple steps on how to do it below:

Step 1:

Grab a toonie from your change collection.

Step 2:

Place said toonie right side up with the bear facing out and upright, preferably at a low point in your tire tread.

Step 3:

If your tire tread reaches up to the paws of the bear, your tire treads are in great condition.

Step 4:

If your tire tread reaches just past the silver tread, your tire treads are about halfway worn, but still in fine enough condition.

Step 5:

If your tire tread can barely reach the silver tread, your tire treads are very well worn down and it's time for a new set of tires.

How to Extend the Life of Your Kia?

Beyond regular preventive maintenance, there’s an abundance of tips you can add to your Kia ownership repertoire to help extend the life of your trusted favourite vehicle. Follow some of these tips:

Rotate your tires every 10,000 km:

If you drive an average amount, getting your tires rotated every 10,000 km will help them wear evenly, allowing you to drive on your same set of tires for a long period. As well, you should make sure to get your wheels aligned and balanced upon the purchase of any new tires.




Regularly wash your car, and wax it at least once a year:

It’s not just about getting your car looking showroom-ready, cleaning and waxing helps to clean off that pesky road salt and debris that’s stuck to your vehicle, reducing the chance that rust may develop. As well, while you’re in the cleaning mood, make sure to get those stone chips touched up as soon as you can.




If you only drive short commutes, take your vehicle out on the highway from time-to-time:

We recommend that if your day-to-day driving only takes you on short trips in the city that you let your vehicle rev up to its peak driving potential at higher speeds on the highway, which can help clear out condensation in the engine parts, and quickly charge your battery (especially useful in the frigid wintertime).



Not using your air conditioner much? Run it for 5 minutes each month:

Similar to how in our last point we’re letting the vehicle clean itself out with something it doesn’t regularly engage with, if you haven’t been using your air conditioner make sure to run it to help keep it lubricated. The reverse is a good idea, too. Run your heater for 5 minutes each month in the summer, just to ensure it’s in well-standing order and to prevent it from sticking or seizing.



Have a timing belt system? Replace it at the 100,000 km mark:

Timing belts are tough because they often don’t show wear like other engine components, and could break without warning. Be prudent and change it around the 100,000 km mark, and consult your owner’s manual for any further details.





How to Get Better Fuel Efficiency

We all want to get more out of a tank of gas, so we’ve compiled some helpful tips on how you can get better fuel efficiency out of your Kia:
Close-up of speedometer in Kia

Driving at 120 km/h vs. 100 km/h uses 20% more fuel:

Stick to the speed limit and see your fuel usage react in kind.
Close-up of Kia steering wheel

Cruise control can be a big help:

Cruise control works doubling in allowing you to relax your foot and by preventing those mini accelerations and decelerations that sneakily eat up fuel.
Close-up of speedometer in Kia

Shift to a higher gear and set your tachometer around 2,000 rpms:

It’s fun to rev the rpms high, but setting it like this can, in some cases, save efficiency by 45%.
Kia Seltos driving on mountain highway during day

Drive smooth:

It may be obvious, but since fuel consumption comes around 50% from acceleration, get up to speed gradually whenever you’re able.
Side view fo Kia Telluride parked in desert area during daytime

Engine start = same amount of fuel as a 10-second idle:

Whenever you’re able to, shut off your car, and save that valuable fuel that you don’t need to burn just sitting there.
Close-up of speedometer in Kia Carnival

Warming up your vehicle in winter isn’t necessary:

Sure, it’s nice to step into a warm vehicle on a cold winter day, but it burns a lot of fuel and isn’t necessary to “warm up” the components of your car. Besides, your car heater will warm up faster when you’re driving than just sitting stationary.
Interior shot of centre console in Kia Carnival

Don’t need your air conditioner? Turn it off:

If you’re not using it to cool or dehumidify your vehicle, turn the A/C off, which in some cases can improve efficiency by 10%.
Close-up of display screen with Apple apps in Kia

Plan your route ahead of time:

We get it if you like to take the scenic route, but if you’re conscious about gas, use your favourite app to plan out the quickest way to your destination and save on fuel.
Rear view of Kia Sorento driving on country road with bikes on roof

Not using that roof rack or cargo carrier? Remove it:

Those roof-top accessories make it a bit harder for your vehicle to take advantage of its natural aerodynamics, thus it’ll need more fuel to get that same km/h.

Why is Engine Oil so Important?

Getting your oil changed is the single most talked about continual service to get done on your vehicle, and for good reason. But why is engine oil so important and why is so much importance and focus spent on ensuring oil it’s changed regularly? Think of engine oil like blood in a human body, it’s the essential driving force inside that directly contributes to peak overall health. What oil does is prevent your important engine parts from overheating, and it does this by lubricating the parts so that they move smoothly, are free from impurities that may form build-up and thus prevents premature wear. Your oil needs to be in continually top condition, hence the need for regular changes to ensure it doesn’t turn into sludge, where it can’t get its job done. 401 Dixie Kia recommends you get your oil changed regularly as recommended by your owner’s manual.

This is just a sampling of some of the most commonly asked questions we at the dealership receive, but if we didn’t cover your question here, please don’t hesitate to contact our team so that we may answer your request. Our service team is here for all of your Kia of off-make’s maintenance needs, so book an appointment, today, for a high quality maintenance experience.

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