Maintenance Schedule

Kia Recommended Service Plan


Although Mississauga tends to have a milder winter climate compared to the Prairie Provinces or far North, Kia considers Canada a “severe climate” as a whole. Consequently, your owner’s manual recommends that you bring your Kia Forte, Optima, Sorento, Sportage, Rio, or Soul in for service every 6 months or 6,000 km.

Why Follow This Vehicle Maintenance Plan?

  • Keeps full warranty coverage
  • Ensures a higher resale value at trade in time
  • Helps prevent costly repairs down the road
  • Extends the life of your car
  • Lowers the chance of a mechanical breakdown
  • Gives you the best possible fuel efficiency

Give our Kia dealership service advisors a call at 877-468-5324 or fill out our quick service appointment form for more information on which service plan your particular Kia model is due for and when.

Service 1 – 6,000 KMS

  • Replace engine oil and filter
  • Inspect interior and exterior lights
  • Inspect wiper/washer condition and operation
  • Inspect and adjust tire pressure
  • Check coolant, battery, brake, and washer fluid levels
  • Check horn function
  • Inspect and lubricate all latches, hinges, and locks

Service 2 – 12,000 KMS

  • Everything in Service 1
  • Replace cabin air filter and service HVAC case
  • Remove and rotate tires
  • Inspect brake system for proper operation, check pad/shoe thickness, inspect calipers/wheel cylinders for proper operation, leaks, or damage
  • Adjust parking brake if required
  • Add Kia Pro-Series Fuel Injection System Treatment
  • Inspect engine coolant level and condition, visually inspect system for leaks
  • Inspect transmission fluid and top-up if necessary
  • Lubricate door weather-strips
  • Road test vehicle

Service 3 – 18,000 KMS

  • Everything in Service 2
  • Service front brakes
  • Service rear brakes, including park brake adjustment
  • Service battery terminals and provide ‘State-Of-Health’ print-out
  • Inspect drive belt(s) – condition and tension
  • Inspect vacuum and crankcase ventilation hoses
  • Inspect condition of ignition system
  • Check drive shafts and boots for leaks

Service 4 – 48,000 KMS

  • Everything in Service 3
  • Replace engine coolant
  • Replace engine air filter
  • Replace fuel filter
  • Inspect fuel liens, fuel hoses, and connections
  • Inspect complete emission system including all lines, hoses, and fuel filler cap
  • Inspect complete exhaust system – manifolds, pipes, catalytic converters, and muffler
  • Inspect suspension components including shocks, struts, links, and bushings
  • Inspect steering gear, linkage, boots, and lower-arm ball-joints
  • Inspect power steering pump and hoses
  • Inspect transfer case and rear differential fluid levels (AWD models only)
  • Inspect all seatbelts and anchor integrity