Our Service Pricing At 401 Dixie Kia in Mississauga, ON

Service Pricing at 401 Dixie Kia

Regular service is key for your Kia, and here at 401 Dixie Kia we offer a comprehensive set of maintenance services to keep your vehicle running in top form for years to come. A lot goes into making up your Kia, from its engine to its brakes to its tires, as well as parts and accessories, all unique systems that require their own dedicated care. The service team here at 401 Dixie Kia is ready and waiting to serve your vehicle with service pricing that comes at an excellent cost. Browse our pricing below, find your service then book an appointment for your Kia!

*The following prices are subject to change, please contact a service advisor to confirm up-to-date pricing.

Oil & Filter Service

This vital service also includes an 11-point visual inspection. Extend the length of your Kia’s engine with this service that’s essential for warranty validation.
4 cylinder cars: Starting from $68.00 plus tax(12K1ZZ4LOF)
4 cylinder turbo: Starting from $82.00 plus tax(12K1ZZ4LOF)
6 cylinder cars: Starting from $81.00 plus tax(12K1ZZ8LOF)
Synthetic upgrade add: $29.95(12K1ZZ4SYN)

Fuel & Air Induction Service

Throttle service is included with our fuel & air induction service. This main service helps to restore any lost power, performance and fuel efficiency for your vehicle.
All vehicles: $169.95(12K1ZZFAIS)

Cooling System Service

The cooling system is important to regulate your vehicle, and our service ensures optimal cooling and heating efficiency for your Kia model.
Gas-fueled vehicles: $115.95 (12K1ZZCSS)
Hybrid vehicles: $154.95(12K1ZZCSSH)

Fuel Injector Flush Service

Our fuel injector flush service includes an 11-point visual inspection, as we correct the injector spray pattern to help improve the fuel efficiency of your Kia, as well as overall engine performance.
All vehicles: $126.95(12K1ZZFIF)

Front & Rear Brake Maintenance

Your brakes are some of the most important components on your vehicle, and our front and rear maintenance helps to ensure proper braking performance and overall peace of mind on every drive.
Front: $105.95(12K1ZZBMS3)
Rear: $105.95(12K1ZZBMS2)
Brake Maintenance Service (plus tire rotation): $199.95(12K1ZZBMS)

Spark Plug Replacement

Getting your spark plug replaced on your Kia is a necessary service that ensures that your vehicle starts easily every time, and helps to provide excellent fuel economy so that you can get the most out of every tank.
4 cylinder standard: $124.95(4PST)
4 cylinder platinum: $183.95(4PPL)
4 cylinder iridium Candenza: $209.95(4PIC)
4 cylinder platinum Sorento: $211.95(14PPLS)
4 cylinder iridium Sorento: $225.95(4PIS)
4 cylinder iridium Optima T. Hybrid: $295.95(4PIOTH)
6 cylinder platinum: $425.95(6PPL)
6 cylinder iridium: $464.95(6P)

Transmission Services

Our transmission service is a critical time interval service, helping to prolong the life of this vital part of your vehicle.
Manual: $118.95(2K1ZZMFTR)
Automatic with SP3 fluid: $115.95(12K1ZZATS)
Automatic with Type 4 Fluid: $115.95(12K1ZZAFTR)

Maintenance Services #1

Our general maintenance services provide peace of mind and knowing that you’re driving as safe as possible in your Kia.
Maintenance Services #1: $45.95(121ZZ4CERT)
Maintenance Services #2 & #3 (includes certified inspection & tire rotation): TBA

Internal Engine Clean

Our internal engine clean not only helps your engine perform better, but also works to promote cleaner emissions.
All vehicles: $29.95(12K1ZZ6FLUSH)

Brake Fluid Replacement

Just as brake maintenance is important, so is the replacement of the brake fluids for this critical time interval service.
All vehicles: $99.95(12K1ZZBFR)

Timing Belt Replacement

A timing belt replacement is a critical service, where failure to get proper service could result in more severe engine damage.
4 cylinder: $490.95(12K1ZZ4TBS)
6 cylinder: $660.95(12K1ZZ6TBS)
RONDO: $750.95(12K1ZZRTBS)

All Wheel Alignment

An all wheel alignment for your Kia helps to prolong the life of your tires, and promotes better control and safety on your vehicle. Differential Services cuts down on wear and extends the life of differential. Transfer Case Service helps against wear and extends its life. 4x4 Drive Line Service includes Front, Rear Differential and Transfer Case Service.
All vehicles: $129.95(02K1ZZ05)
Differential Services
Front: $89.95(12KZZFDS)
Rear: $89.95(12K1ZZTCS)
Transfer Case Service
All vehicles: $75.95(12K1ZZDGS)
4x4 Drive Line Service
All vehicles: $222.95(12KZZFDS)

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If you’d like to book any of these services for your Kia, or have any questions for our service department, fill out the form below or contact us. Some Kia models may require more or less labour depending on the model and year. Our service advisors have years of experience working specifically with Kia vehicles, so whatever service or maintenance job you require, we can easily help you out. 401 Dixie Kia is your top Mississauga source for the best Kia service in the Greater Toronto area! Explore our services, specials, and bring your vehicle in, today!

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